Transition to High School :: Althoff Catholic Enrichment (A.C.E.)

Graduation season is upon us! At Althoff Catholic we officially begin our graduation festivities with Senior-Parent Mass and Breakfast this weekend. We are filled with gratitude and pride for the Class of 2016 as they transition into the next chapter of their lives. As we make preparations to send them forth, we are also preparing to welcome the Class of 2020!

The transition into high school is a big change for grade school students. All of lizzie videous here at Althoff Catholic are committed to making your student’s transition into high school a smooth and enjoyable one. The Althoff Catholic Enrichment (A.C.E.) Orientation program  will help your student be more comfortable with their new surroundings prior to the first day of school. In the video above, Principal Harris and Lizzie, one of our A.C.E. leaders share a bit more about the A.C.E. program.

Meet Your A.C.E. Leaders

We will introduce you to our 27 A.C.E. leaders in a variety of ways over the next few months. For now, we have asked a few of them to share some advice with your students as they prepare to transition into high school.


move mountains

“Put your academics first, then find time to get involved with extracurriculars.”
-Grant ’17 (Holy Trinity)

Work hard to get good grades. Remember all these grades are looked at for college.
-Kaitlynn ’17 (Queen of Peace)

“A lot of kids tend to get a little lazy towards the end of 8th grade year. I say that you’ve worked that hard to get to where you are now, then you might as well finish strong! Be different!!”
-Bryson  ’17 (Pontiac)

“Do not be afraid of high school. It is normal to be scared, but there is a place for everyone at Althoff. It may take a little time but you will meet wonderful people at this school.”
Jeshua ’17 (Blessed Sacrament)

“Value the rest of your time in grade school, but be excited to make new memories in high school! Try to make new friends instead of sticking with only the familiar. You may make some of the best friends you’ve ever had.”
-Gabby ’17 (Holy Trinity)

“I say make the most of high school because it flies by. Work hard, study hard, and try your best because it really does end up paying off. Althoff is one of the best and most fun high schools. You get all the high school experience and excitement.”
-Jimmy ’18 (St. Teresa)

“Come into high school working really hard. Your freshman year does have an impact. Develop good school habits for studying and staying organized.”
Danielle ’17  (Smithon Grade School)

“Please do not take your freshman year for granted. Do not slack off in classes just because it’s your freshman year. Your freshman year is the base of your high school career, so make it a good one.”
Jaylon ’17 (Central Junior High)

“Get involved! Find someone you look up to at Althoff Catholic and try to get to know them. Everything is a little bit easier when you have a big brother or sister.”
-Jack ’18 (St. Clare)

“I would probably say that they should always try their hardest finishing off their year as an eighth grader and tell them that they will really enjoy high school. I would tell them that they should really not be too nervous and that adjusting is not as hard as you would think. Plenty of people are here to help you, and Althoff’s environment is so much like a family so you will never feel lost or left out.”
-Jessica ’18 (Queen of Peace)


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