Crusader Pride :: Excelling in the Classroom and on the Field

robinson pic


Justin Robinson ‘16 and his family moved to Scott Air Force Base when he was a sophomore and his older brother was a senior. The move was a difficult one as Althoff Catholic was the boys’ fourth school in five years. The ability to be at Althoff for 3 years has been a blessing for Justin after moving so often. The Robinson family is rooted strongly in their Catholic faith and is dedicated to Catholic education. “The first school the boys attended had a mission of ‘providing a quality Catholic education which inspires academic excellence and motivates students to become respectful, responsible individuals, who are active Disciples of Christ,’” said Justin’s mom, Maureen Robinson. “When we saw how nurturing the priest, teachers, staff and other parents were, and how much Shawn and Justin thrived spiritually, academically, physically and socially, we knew Catholic education was the best fit for our family!”

As the son of an Air Force Brigadier General and Lieutenant Colonel, soccer picJustin understands the importance of hard work, dedication and representing himself and his school in an honorable manner. “Being a student of Althoff Catholic comes before wearing the crest and representing the school on the soccer field,” said Justin. “Finding the right balance in school and sports helps me thrive in both.” The Althoff Catholic soccer team was among the 7 fall sports team recently recognized with Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Team Academic Achievement Awards. Justin was impressed by the commitment and drive of his teammates. “It means a lot to me that our team was recognized for our academics. Our team is driven to succeed on and off the field. We worked hard in the classroom because we knew we had to earn the privilege of representing Althoff as soccer players.”

robinson woesthaus
Justin and Mr. Dave Woesthaus pose with one of Justin’s creations

Justin takes all honors courses and serves as the Vice President of the National Honor Society. Upon graduation he will have earned 22 advanced college credits through Saint Louis University’s 1-8-1-8 program. In addition to excelling academically and on the soccer field, Justin has a passion for art. “I have always known I could draw, but I have learned so much more than I could have imagined from Mr. Woesthaus. He really makes his students think and helps us understand that we can express more than we ever knew possible through art,” said Justin. “He often says ‘you have to let the smallest things shine the brightest’- a great lesson in art and in life.”

It is apparent, in more ways that we can count, that Justin has and will continue to put Mr. Woesthaus’ advice into action in his daily life. He and his soccer teammates started a fundraiser to support the Wounded Warrior Project this past season. Every time the team scored a goal, fans would pass a bucket around to collect contributions. Justin introduced Wounded Warriors as one of three possible organizations to receive the funds raised. He was pleased that his teammates wholeheartedly agreed. Justin knows what it is like to have a parent deploy multiple times for 6 months to a year at a time. He has heard stories about airmen and soldiers returning home injured or having to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. “I think it impacted Justin knowing that his parents are fine but there are military kids whose parent(s) needed help and he wanted to do something about it,” said Maureen Robinson.

After graduation Justin plans to move on to Wingate University, a small liberal arts university in North Carolina to study physical therapy and play soccer. Justin’s brother, Shawn (Althoff Catholic Class of 2014) is studying architecture at the University of Oregon.


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