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UPDATE: July 1, 2016 – At the close of the 2015-2016 school year, 20 of Althoff Catholic’s 22 sports teams had achieved the IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award. This original blog post was written following the fall sports season.

Althoff Catholic High School congratulates our fall sports IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award Winners for achieving a team cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. Boys Cross Country, Golf and Soccer and Girls Volleyball, Tennis, Golf and Cross Country all received this recognition. There is no greater blessing than seeing our students achieve their personal best in the classroom and in their chosen extracurricular activities. We asked a few of our student athletes to share what this accomplishment means to them personally. We hope you will be as inspired by their responses as we are!

What does it mean to you that your team achieved IHSA Team Academic Achievement recognition?
x-c boys“It shows how determined cross country athletes are. Running Cross Country not only brings confidence onto the course, but it also brings me confidence in the classroom. I find myself to be more determined to do well in class during cross country season than when I am in the off-season. I think this honor really shows how Cross Country is not only a good physical sport, but it is also a sport that can train your mindset to handle difficulties.”
– Nick Siegel ’17 – Cross Country

“It is an honor for a team to achieve goals both in the classroom and on the court or field.  Succeeding academically and athletically shows dedication to teammates because academics have to be a student athlete’s priority.”
– Amanda Kaltwasser ’17 – Cross Country


“I am proud that Althoff’s teams do so well on and off the court.  It shows how hard we work in and out of school.  It is very rewarding to see teams doing well both on the court and in school.”
– Kaitlynn Borik ‘17 – Tennis

“It means a lot to me that my team does so well academically and that we were still able to finish the season with a 3rd place state title. It is amazing that we are all motivated enough to put in hard work at practice and then go home and work even harder on our school work. Dance has a very long season with many hours put in, and I am lucky to be on a team full of people with the same motivation level as me.”
– Charlotte Barger ‘17 – Dance

“I think it’s pretty impressive that we’ve managed to keep such good grades while still keeping up with our sport priorities. Although sports are important, school comes first and I’m glad our sports teams here reflect that.”
– Elizabeth Allen ’18 – Cheer

How do you balance your academics with extracurricular involvement?

“The balance really comes with time. You just have to learn how to manage your time and take advantage of free time whether that is in a class or study hall or before practice. I have a strong desire to succeed in everything I do, and my hard work and determination has allowed me to reach those goals.”
– Rachel Mertens ‘16 – Volleyball

“Balancing academics with extracurriculars can be difficult and sometimes very stressful. It is important to plan ahead and make sure you don’t fall behind in any classes. With hard work, dedication, and commitment to both school and sports, you can be successful as an athlete and a student.” 
– Taylor Bone ’16 – Cheer

“I always make sure that my homework or projects that I have going on hold the highest priority in my to do list, ahead of soccer, because being a student of Althoff comes before wearing the crest and representing Althoff on the soccer field. I also wanted to lead by example for the other boys to show that they meed to find the right balance in school and soccer in order to thrive in the classroom and on the field.
– Justin Robinson ’16 – Soccer

Is there a teacher or coach who has had a significant impact on your personal success?

“Kathy Wuller has had a very significant impact on my success. She’s helped me improve so much in the sport since my freshman year and she’s always been so supportive. She is a big contributor to my success in volleyball today.”
– Alana Bramwell ‘16 – Volleyball

“I have been lucky enough to have great, encouraging coaches throughout my high school career. They have all instilled a desire and will to succeed both on the court and in the classroom. Playing sports at Althoff Catholic has been the highlight of my 4 years here; I will never forget the coaches, teammates, or memories made.”
–Rachel Mertens ‘16 – Volleyball

“My previous golf coach, Tim Gehrs, had a very big impact on my personal success not only in golf but in my school work.  He made sure to always encourage us to do well in school so that we can go places once we get out of high school.”
Maggie Tiernan ’18 – Golf

“Mrs. Foeller always stays patient when I do not understand a concept. Mrs. McCracken inspires me everyday and continues to push me to do my best. She has taught me so much this year, with lessons related to English and life in general. Without these two people, my academics would not be as successful as they are now, and I would not be the person I am today.”
-Hanna Prawica ’19Dance

From Stacey Lambert, IHSA Assistant Executive Director: “For 7 out of 8 fall sports teams to receive the IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award is a phenomenal reflection on a school’s academic programming. On behalf of the IHSA I congratulate the students and faculty of Althoff Catholic High School on a job well done. Keep up the great work in the classroom and in competition.”





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